Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strawberry Ice cream

I'm listening to this one song over an over and over again, cos it gives me this happy but ultimately sad feeling. i suppose that is being utterly sadistic, don't know why i'm continuing with it, but i suppose , because of the memories connected with this song, i'm gonna love this song forever and the only way to relive the memories vividly wuld be to play the song.altho in the end i know that as of RIGHT NOW living in reality, the ending is not as great as i imagine it to be. but what to do, not all stories are a fairy tale ending. it's like the song is the only thing left of the memory.

it's funny how one day can change practically everything you've ever felt or remembeed or imagined before.

it's funny how emotions are the one thing that make us human butthe one thing that hurts like crap.. lke HELL when things go wrong..

it's funny how memories stay the same, no matter how much reality changes around us, and memories create the strongest impressions in us.

it's funny how, because of these strong impressions, we stick to the first impressios and memories don't allow us to change.

it's funny how because of all of this, we still try to believe the best in someone, altho that person has long changed and the person we once knew is looonnggg gone.

it's funny that even though i know all of this and am aware of it all, i can still continue falling.

it's funny taht althogh i care so much about it, i coldnt care enough to change it.

it's funny that it's never going to change, even if you tried hard enough, because you don' want it to change.

life is just funny.

and i suppose that's kinda what makes it sucks the most.

but if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

these lines of lightning mean we're never alone, never no...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

People. Or person in particular

Have you ever had that one friend.. that one friend who you can't really tell if he or she is a friend in the first place? That person who only calls you when she or he has a problem and then all the other times just kind of forgets that you exist? That person who decides to complain to you whenever something happens, but never seems to be there for you when YOU need to complain? That person who calls for advice, may or may not listen to it (usually doesn't), calls when it doesn't work out and never offers any consolation or good enough advice wen YOU need it?People, or that person, like that make me confused. I don't understand how they can live their lives just taking, and taking, and taking, and taking. Oh, did I mention, TAKING?!?!! And there you are, just giving and giving and giving and giving. Man, don't they just get on your nerves sometimes. All you want to do is talk. I mean, HELL, they're on the otherside of the globe. You probably won't even see them this Christmas and they never keep the promises that they keep. Just a hello or goodbye would be nice. But no, you become an aquaintance, someone not really necessary to have around unless you are needed. To complain to. To listen to your problems. To give advice. And in the end, to ignore.

You know what the worst bit is? You keep giving and giving, because you consider THEM your very good friend. So you are emotionally attached, just giving and giving. And all they do, considering you as an aquaintance, is to take and take. Bloody idiots. You know, I'm nor surprised that that's your nickname. You fit if PERFECTLY. And excuse my language, but I think I've had it to just about here with all your nonsense. I made a resolve to be free by coming here, but I see I am still as attached as ever. So as of the minute this post goes up, I am going to treat you the same way you treat me. Like ice. Cold hearted, egoistical and stuck up. Ice. As of now, I'm not going to give anymore. Let's see how well you can do.

I predict you'll fall apart. The life you're leading now isn't exactly the kind that you can sustain for the FUTURE. And you bloody well know that. I know I've said I wonder what you would be in 10 years from now, but guess what? I don't wonder anymore. I don't want to care anymore. Whatever happens, happens. I'll tell you something. You're off my list.

Ya donch exists anymores ta mes ya screwball. Toodloos.